EvolutionIT does not simply program your IT solutions. Our aim is to develop together the perfect customized software solution to meet your individual needs. Our focus is implementation and our strength: the technical development know-how. What people can convey only theoretically, we put into practice. We provide our clients and partners with a broad range of services: 

a) Consulting&Advisory Services

– Process & Organizational Assessment

The most successful IT transformation programs we deliver start with an important first step –assessment of the strategic business objectives, the current state of the organization and defining a target state based on specific business outcomes.

Typically, the assessment is tailored to a specific business initiative, delivered through a series of interviews with key IT and Business stakeholders to:

  • Detail current and future requirements across services, processes, organization, and technology landscape;
  • Review and assess adherence to industry best practices;
  • Develop both process and organizational gap analysis
  • Prioritize gaps and develop process and organizational transformation road-map;
  • Assess risks, change, and organizational readiness;
  • Develop a transformation road-map with blueprint of necessary activities to understand the exact level of effort, risk, and change (both people and process) necessary to deliver the expected business results

b) Implementation Services

– End to End Solutions

Bright is a Software company at its heart, however we understand the power of technology to enable on-going business transformation. Our customers are looking for an end-to-end solution to improve the way services are delivered and consumed by the business. Naturally, we developed technology teams to deliver innovative IT and Business Management solutions. 

– We believe in partnerships

In partnership with some of the leading technology vendors in each solution area, we are able to deliver a comprehensive solution in complex multinational environments. Together we have the right technology and business practices to support customers in their IT transformation initiatives. When complemented with experienced IT management and technology consultants, a clear road-map and best practices, we are confident to enable real business value.

c) Integration Services

– Approach

We partner with companies in their automation initiatives by delivering end-to-end integration solutions with a proven implementation approach focused on:

  • Assessment of automation initiatives’ business goals and requirements to recommend the most practical and flexible solution
  • Review of current processes to simplify and automate business processes to the greatest extent possible
  • Architecture and design of generic interface with a goal to meet complex integration requirements
  • Ease of maintenance and ability to connect to multiple applications in the long run
  • Less time, effort and cost for implementation

– Integration Technologies

Our automation team has capabilities to deliver complex integration solutions with the leading application integration and orchestration technologies on the market. We can recommend the most appropriate platform and technology for delivering the required capabilities and business goals. Some of the enterprise technologies we specialize in are:


– Oracle

– Mycrosoft SQL Server


– Hana DB

      –   Mongo DB 


– Windows

– Linux/UNIX

– Mac OS

– Mobile Platforms


– React.js

–   AngularJS

Open Source

– PHP/Python

– Ruby on Rails


– iOS

– Android

– Windowns Mobile


– NET Framework, C#, VB.NET, Visual C++

– ASP.NETMVC.NET, Windows Forms, WPF, Silverlight

– Web Services, WCF, WWF

– SharePoint

      –   Microsoft BI 

Embedded Development

– C/C++




d) DevOps

– Make the shift towards a DevOps culture

Our DevOps practice is focused on helping companies make the shift towards adopting a DevOps culture and speed up the launch of new business services. Our team of DevOps engineers works with Operations and Development teams to implement DevOps best practices in these key areas:

  • Automated Software build & packaging
  • Automated Unit testing & Acceptance testing
  • Automated deployment on staging & production environment

– Customer applications delivered with a DevOps approach

Our software development teams use DevOps principles and technologies to build rapidly new applications for your business. From idea to launch, we work with you to bring fast digital services to market. EvolutionIT delivery approach includes:

  • Business needs’ assessment and solution design
  • Agile software development
  • DevOps principles and best practices

e) Managed Services and Support

f) Financial IT Consulting

What we are particularly good in is integration solutions and system adaptations.  Our strength lies in the expertise and knowledge of the ……….,…………….,………………,………..,…………,……………………,  SAP and other third party vendor software. IT processes are part of our daily routine: planning, analyzing, monitoring, implementation, improvement. We are there to make your business processes ready for the challenges of the market. We constantly keep track of latest innovations and leading risk modelling and reporting standards. We have worked Front-To-Back on a multitude of Projects in the financial area and can deliver the knowledge and experience that our clients require. 

g) Software Development

It is often the case when standard business approaches are not suitable for specific business processes. In such situations it may be necessary to develop customized solutions that ensure the optimum performance of your business processes. Talk to us – we are your partner when it comes to implementing your software product. Our references in this area are wide: from the simple set up to the individual development of complex business processes. We provide our clients and partners with product development services throughout the whole process – Technical and Business Research & Design, Proof of Concept, Prototyping, Full Product development, regular release cycles, support, maintenance, training and documentation. Part of the full-range spectrum of functionalities offered is a Java-based Corporate product for our end clients, used to streamline their operational procedures, automate testing and increase operational efficiency

h) Outsourcing 

IT outsourcing is always a matter of minimizing expenses when developing and implementing new technologies, as well as maintenance and support costs of existing IT projects. At EvolutionIT we are committed to provide our partners with outsourcing project solutions, that are high quality, on-time and low-cost IT solution to their needs. IT outsourcing services play a key a role in our business strategy. Our main goal is to provide lower cost along with assured quality. We can take deliver standalone projects from design until go-live, as well as to work in tight connection with the client. The Bulgarian IT Specialists are recognized as one of the best in the world, and they are the backbone of our company. We make sure that all our specialists speak English and another foreign language. As our client you would  benefit from this high quality service. But why outsource at all? Because outsourcing will help you grow exponentially faster, than trying to build it on your own. Globalization, increased competition, tight schedule, lack of resources, cost and, time savings, flexibility, risk mitigation are among the many reasons to go with offshore development and outsourcing. Better trust a proven and experienced team of professionals, who have the right tools, knowledge and skill set to get the job done.

i) Maintenance

It is often the case when standard business approaches are not suitable for specific business processes. In such situations it may be necessary to develop customized solutions that ensure the optimum performance of your business processes. Talk to us – we are your partner when it comes to implementing your software product. Our references in this area are wide: from the simple set up to the individual development of complex business processes. Every software system enters its maintenance phase after months or years of development and successful go live. The aim of software maintenance is to guarantee the normal operation of the systems and to preserve or enhance the value of software systems over time. We offer our clients effective software maintenance cycles while realizing cost savings. Some of the services we provide are bugs fixing, implementation of change requests, system deployments and upgrades, testing, code optimization, code verification and validation.

j) Technical Support

Technical support encompasses a broad area of service – from the support of a purchased enterprise system, to the support of the general technical processes like technical infrastructure (servers, end-client machines, access points to enterprise services, etc). Each company, being small or big, should consider the advantages of redirecting these tasks to an external entity. The benefits are clear and many. Total cost of ownership can be tremendously reduced trough working with us. Scaling up and down is a lot easier when having these services provided by EvolutionIT, instead of doing them in-house. As high quality is an integral part of our value system, we put a special attention on it, and work with the correct tools and apply the best practices and standards in order to assure our clients that what they get is nothing short of the best on the market. Our company fulfills the requirement to provide customers with a high level of services at a lower total cost and more reliability.