For us, quality is of utmost importance. We strive to maintain and improve the quality of

our daily work, our services, and every service we offer.


We believe that the success of any activity depends largely on the speed with which it is done. Evolution IT always aims at completing its projects quickly and efficiently. Our speed isn't only in our response to initial project requests, but continues throughout the whole timespan of projects.

Cost & Efficiency

There's no doubt that our hourly rates seem high. Despite having rates that are times lower than those in countries in Western Europe and in the USA, we cannot compete with countries such as India and China. However, these numbers fail to take into consideration the factor that turns rates into actual price, that is, time. We complete our projects quickly, without compromising with the quality. Our speed reduces the total price of any project, making us more affordable than many companies with lower rates.

About Us

Evolution IT is an EU-based software development company.

Our skills, our experience in software development (15+ years on average), and our passion for it allow us to offer high-class software development services to our clients. Experience has taught us that our employees always become an integral part of the teams of our clients. The IT department of every company is often the one that its employees talk to the most, so we want your team to feel as if they are calling a coworker and not a member of another company.

Our mission

We provide the whole range of services needed to complete a project, including, but not limited to, business analysis, software development, and maintenance. Our goal is to make sure that we can create every product without the need of external help.